Yeromm is a variant of everybody's favorite card game "Pairs". Sixteen cards are arranged on a board with 4x4 fields and divided into 8 pairs of 2; each pair always have the same face. You have to find pairs of cards with the same face.

In contrast to the traditional game, you do not choose TWO cards, but only one. The second one is chosen by the system. For this purpose each position on the board has a corresponding one. If you choose one card, the one at the corresponding position is chosen and vice versa. These corresponding positions do not change during a game.

"So how can I pick a pair?" You can move cards to other positions by shifting a row. It's quite simple: Just move the cards with the same face to corresponding positions.

Since the game can be frustrating (especially for beginners), you can play an easier version with the cards face up and/or showing the corresponding positions. The bottom left-hand button shows/hides the corresponding positions, the bottom right-hand button turns the cards face up/down.

Watch gameplay video


You earn a basic number of points for finding a pair - which can differ depending on the level of difficulty you have chosen - multiplied by a bonus factor for consecutive successful picks without moving any cards in-between:

Face down and hide corresponding positions

  • +5(1st pick),
  • +10(2nd pick),
  • +20(3rd pick),
  • +40(4th pick),
  • ...

Face up or show corresponding positions

  • +4(1st pick),
  • +8(2nd pick),
  • +16(3rd pick),
  • +24(4th pick),
  • ...

Face up and show corresponding positions

  • +3(1st pick),
  • +6(2nd pick),
  • +9(3rd pick),
  • +12(4th pick),
  • ...

You lose points for moves, (too many) unsuccessful picks and for playing an easier version of the game:

  • Move row/column: -1
  • Show corresponding positions: -1
  • Turn all cards face up: -1
  • 8 consecutive unsuccessful picks: -1


Have fun!