Corporate Publishing

Can I also present my customer magazine as an app? How well was the last press release received? Find out! With software solutions by ppi Media.

Creating content in Corporate Publishing

In-house magazine, flyer, brochures, homepage, mobile services and social media: as the communicator for your company, you're active on all media channels, for your colleagues as well as your customers. Technical, graphical and content requirements vary greatly, however, depending on the medium, making it necessary to create and deliver content specifically for each channel. ppi Media offers the right software solution to meet the specific requirements of each media channel. We support you in your daily work, enabling you to make the best use of human, financial and technical resources and optimize workflow processes along the entire production chain. CX digital, for example, is geared to mobile news services, allowing you to publish products such as a customer magazine digitally and supplement it with further content including videos, image galleries, the latest news reports or information on weather, traffic and sports, so that you stay up-to-date.